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Want To Remove Spyware?

Do You Know There Are 2 Type Of Spyware?

One type is call "domestic spyware", this type of spyware is usually installed by a person who wants your passwords and other private information. Such as Keyloggers, Chat Loggers, Screen Recorders and more which record your keystrokes for later viewing on the same PC and then there are the totally insidious type which can record your screen as a slide show and transfer the recording to somewhere else online.

Another type of spyware, known as "Commercial spyware" This is the main type of spyware that could be in your computer. It is a software that secretly gathering personal information from the user's computer without their knowledge. The spyware can usually run in the background gathering information about anything you do on your computer and then uploading that information back to internet server.

- you better remove spywares now !!

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